Amber Jim Marchese Christmas Card

Amber and Jim React To Controversial Christmas Card Causing Uproar Exclusive

Controversial Christmas!

While most Christmas cards don’t cause much controversy, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and former Real Housewives f New Jersey stars Amber and Jim Marchese shared a photo from their Christmas card that has definitely stirred up some controversy. What do we mean and what did they have to say about it? Read on for details.

Amber and Jim React To Controversial Christmas Card Causing Uproar Exclusive

The picture above has been getting some heat on social media, due to the Marchese’s and their children all holding guns and the “Make Christmas Great Again” printed on it, referencing Donald Trump‘s “Make America Great Again.”

What did Jim and Amber have to say about it?

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Jim told us that the picture is “celebrating brilliance of our founding fathers in creating (the) electoral college preventing criminals like Hillary from using illegals to cast votes swaying popular vote count.”

Amber Jim Marchese Christmas Card

“This Christmas we are celebrating the second Amendment and birth of Jesus,” he continued, “two blessings we can enjoy because Trump was elected!

Jim wrapped with telling us that, “For all the liberal cry babies in safe place drinking hot cocoa who have an issue with it- history shows over 200 years ago kids these ages defended our colonies with guns, pride, love of God and (of their) country. As you sit in Starbucks worried about essential oils and post yoga poses, ponder that Christmas message.”

Amber Jim Marchese Christmas Card

Amber also detailed that her parents both served our nation in the military and told us that, her “ancestors fought in the wars that established this great nation. This card is a tribute to them and all who fought for our liberties.”

Tell us- what are YOUR thoughts on this card? Sound off in the comments below.

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