Below Deck Reunion

Why Below Deck Had No Reunion Explained

Reason Revealed!

Aside from the Housewives, one of our favorite shows on Bravo is Below Deck, much ado to the engaging episodes, along with the appearances of Kate Chastain and Captain Lee. One of the things that we did not understand was the lack of a reunion this year. Based on things we saw on social media, many fans and cast members of the show also did not understand it either. Recently, Mark Cronin, the creator of Below Deck, hopped on Reddit to answer a lot of questions including why there was no reunion. What did he have to say?

Below Deck Reunion Why There Wasn’t One Explained

Cronin explained that, “I think Bravo is trying to maximize their programming budget.”

“They have found it is better to spend their money on real episodes of the program rather than tacked on reunions,” he continued.

He wrapped with saying that, “The real episodes simply get better ratings. We did 14 episodes of the last season of Below Deck – the most ever.”

While we understand what he’s saying, we would like BOTH more episodes and a reunion!

Tell us- did you want to see a Below Deck reunion? Sound off in the comments below.

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