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Jamie Otis Shares Sad Message On Day She Was To Give Birth

So Sad!

Recently, Married At First Sight star Jamie Otis shared a heartbreaking message about the baby she miscarried on the day that was a week before she was due to give birth (read about that here). Today was the day Otis was due to give birth and she shared another message on Instagram with her fans. What did Otis share? Read on for details.

Jamie Otis Baby Sad Message On Day He Was Due

“I was SO excited when I was pregnant,” Otis shared. “I’ve wanted to be a mommy for a very long time. I couldn’t wait for my ‘baby bump’ to get bigger and bigger.”

Today I’m suppose to have a sweet, full-term baby boy,” she sadly continued sharing. “He’s supposed to put me in labor and scream when he comes out. His daddy and I would hold him close and let him know that everything’s going to be ok. We’d kiss him and rock him in order to soothe all the pain and fear away.”

Otis had more to say, writing that, “Sometimes I still ask God, ‘Why??’ I often wonder if I hadn’t eaten this or lifted that maybe he’d still be safe? I know it’s probably nothing I did, but It just breaks my heart knowing that his sweet little soul didn’t get a chance at life.”

Johnathan Edward is our angel baby who’s been watching over us because he was born too early,” she wrapped with writing. “I will spend my life honoring him & loving him. …I’ve come up with a few ways to cherish our angels -young & old – in heaven & I blogged about them today.?? Please, if you have any more ideas let me know. Link is in my bio. ‘Gone but never forgotten.'”

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Otis and her husband, especially on this day. We applaud her bravery for continuing to share her story.

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