EXCLUSIVE: Nathan Griffith Talks Jenelle Seeking Full Custody- “She Lies About Me”

EXCLUSIVE: Nathan Griffith Talks Jenelle Seeking Full Custody- “She Lies About Me”

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Exclusive Conversation!

Recently, we exclusively talked to Teen Mom 2 Dad Nathan Griffith after he was arrested last week (read about that here). Now, Griffith has spoken with us about his ex Jenelle Evans, who is currently attempting to seek full custody of their son Kaiser. What did Griffith have to say about Evans? Read on to see what he told us!

Nathan Griffith Jenelle Seeking Full Custody Reaction She Lies Exclusive

Jenelle spreads so many lies about me,” Griffith exclusively told us.
“I’m just going to end up going to mediation,” Griffith then detailed regarding the situation with Evans trying to seek full custody of Kaiser (read about that here).
“I already talked to my lawyer and can’t go into great detail about this,” he continued.
However, Griffith did respond to allegations he hasn’t been trying to see his son/that he won’t see his son with supervision. He told us that, “My Mom asked Jenelle if she wants Kaiser to be supervised (and) if she could come to pick Kaiser up. She said, ‘Oh yeah, you can pick him up anytime’ and then she doesn’t respond. She’s a liar.”
“She wants to proclaim me being this horrible father and that she doesn’t trust me, yet she’s living with a convicted felon who just was sentenced to jail for 60 days,” he added. “Also, all the marks and bruises and all the sicknesses and strange illnesses Kaiser has have never been with me, only with her. Like the hand foot mouth disease, the rashes, the blisters on his butt, the scraped up knees, the bump on his head- I can go on and on.”
Griffith had more to say about Evans and the custody situation, detailing that, “(Kaiser) needs a good, loving environment like I can provide him instead of him being 2 and a half years old already getting stuck in pre-school. Jenelle doesn’t work. How about she take him to the park? You see all the pictures I constantly post with him. I have a blast with him. And then she tries to say that (I don’t spend time with him) just because there was one weekend I asked my Mom to watch him so I could go out with my girlfriend? I mean, come on. Aren’t there weeks at a time she doesn’t have Kaiser because she has him at David’s Moms while they go on these extravagant vacations? The woman is a book of contradictions.”
She’s going to end up shooting herself in her foot again like she did last time,” Griffith wrapped with telling us on the custody situation. “All we have to do is wait.”
In our conversation with Griffith he also answered once and for all if he would ever want Evans back and dished on something that happened between them at the reunion. Stay tuned for an upcoming piece regarding that.
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  1. Jenelle needs to realize that Nate was good enough to produce an offspring with (sadly, she has an incentive to reproduce=mtv gives her around 30 or $35,000 per child) that she’d better let him have a relationship with his father. There’s no doubt in my mind that Jenelle will lie her way through this one too. Jenelle and her NEW babies father need to lay off the illegal substances along with Nate and alcohol. I feel she’s doing alot of crap with this child along with her new flame to tick Nate off =let’s pretend this is your new dad Kaiser. I pray this girl stops using her children as pawns.

  2. Does this really surprise us that Janelle is still trying to pull this b.s. to keep that child from his father?! Dysfunction at its finest and sad how she’s creating another mess and doesn’t carethis child will pay the price just like her first one. If his mother is going to be offering supervised, let it happen butttttt noooo, this is Jenele and all she’s after is to make him look bad instead of making an effort to support & encourage Nate. This girl must thrive on constant drama or this nonsense wouldn’t be happeining.

  3. One statement sums this up. Jenelle’s latest live in boyfriend must not be keeping her happy that she’s back at the drama with her 2nd baby daddy.