RHOD Season 2

EXCLUSIVE: RHOD Drama Finally Explodes!

Drama Erupts!

While the second season of The Real Housewives of Dallas has been reportedly having very little drama happening (read about that here), we have heard from multiple insiders that things have finally begun to erupt. What do we mean? Read on for details!

RHOD Season 2 Drama Finally Explodes Exclusive

According to multiple sources close to production, we have been told that, “There is definitely drama going on.”

“A lot of people are having drama with Cary Deuber,” our insiders continued, “but she is not really going hard in defending herself.”

LeeAnne Locken, on the other hand, is bringing her A game  out,” our sources dished, telling us that, “D’Andra Simmons, one of the new girls, is also bringing it as well,” our sources added.

“While the drama may not be as crazy as on some of the other franchises,” our insiders wrapped with telling us, “fans need not fear. There definitely will be drama this season and you definitely are going to want to tune in.”

We love our Dallas women and are THRILLED to hear there is going to be some drama!

Tell us- are you surprised to hear this? Sound off in the comments below.

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