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EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle’s Friend- Nathan Wanted To Give Up Custody, Here’s Proof

Exclusive Proof!

Recently, we reported that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was taking Nathan Griffith to court to try to gain full custody of their son, Kaiser (read about that here). Then, Griffith exclusively talked to us about the situation, claiming Evans lies about him (read about that here). Now, a friend of Evans’s has exclusively come to us to dish on what’s gone down, and even offered copies of texts they had between Griffith and Evans’s beau David Eason that claim Griffith wanted to give up custody of Kaiser! Read on for details.

Jenelles Friend Nathan Wanted To Give Up Custody Heres Proof Exclusive

A friend of Evans’s first addressed claims Griffith made about Kaiser having health issues when with Evans, stating that, “Kaiser has CROUP at the moment and even gave it to David and Jenelle. If Nathan actually called or asked, he would know this.”

His mom is the only one that says ‘if you need help watching Kaiser let us know,’” her friend continued dishing, “but she never reached out to Jenelle on her own to see kaiser.”

“Nathan doesn’t even see Kaiser enough to say he has blisters on his butt,” Evans’s friend added, “which he doesn’t, or the school Kaiser goes to would report Jenelle to CPS (Child Protective Services).”


Her friend also had more to say, including addressing Griffith’s claim that Eason is a convicted felon.

David is not a convicted felon and has no pending felony charges,” her friend stated, “unlike nathan that has 5 pending and 2 of those are felonies.”

“Nathan has claimed he has been unstable for a while now,” they added, “talked about committing suicide to Jenelle’s mother, director, and even (Teen Mom 2) producer Larry, who everyone knows of.”

They then went on to dish on a specific incident that went down, claiming that, “Nathan called Jenelle’s mom and her director, who were at dinner, and said that he wanted to end his life or was thinking about it.. Jenelle’s mom then called the Myrtle Beach police and had them go check on him. They went inside and no one was there, but they found a bunch of empty liquor bottles all over his house.”

This scares Jenelle as a mother,” her friend elaborated.

Her friend had more to dish, claiming that, “Now he moved back into his mother’s house and claimed to be getting help but then got arrested twice. His friend Josh was supposed to have an intervention with him and never did, and instead went out drinking with Nathan the next weekend after Nathan had claimed he wanted to end his life.”


“24 hours later he claimed that he wanted to give up his rights to Kaiser and texted David and Jenelle saying this,” her friend elaborated. “They were shocked but said ‘let’s give this 24 hours to make sure he’s not drunk and actually wanting to do this.’ Well, the next day he said ‘Where can I sign the papers?.’ Jenelle told him she’d have a new custody agreement written up first for supervised visits then they could look into his rights as a parent. She sent over the agreement and received no response from Nathan for days and then he just suddenly wanted to take Kaiser out of the blue and claimed he was all better again.”

“Jenelle knew this wasn’t the truth and talked to her lawyer,” her friend explained. “Her lawyer advised her to keep Kaiser out of harms way, so this is simply what she’s doing. Nathan’s own mother is concerned for him and told him to move into her house so he has and is living there now. Jenelle has texts from her even stating how scared she was for Nathan’s mental state of mind. She told nathan from here on out he can come up to visit Kaiser supervised by her or he has to wait until they go to court on January 4th, because Jenelle feels that Kaiser’s safety is in danger.”

“Nathan hasn’t came to see Kaiser one time or hasn’t even asked,” they wrapped with telling us. “Shortly after all of this he got arrested twice. It goes to show a mother’s instincts are always on point.”

Evans’s friend also shared screenshots of a conversation between Griffith and Eason, as seen below. In the texts, which are from November of this year, Griffith claims the following:

–  He is “unstable.”

– He is thinking about “moving to England.”

– If Evans needs him to “sign over my rights I will” and that “this is best.”

Here are copies of the screenshots (Note: We did verify these were from him, but have blurred out the number for privacy):

Jenelles Friend

Jenelles Friend

Jenelles Friend

[Note: All information- including texts and quotes- are exclusive to Real Mr. Housewife and must be cited when reprinted]

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