EXCLUSIVE: Tiffani Chance from “Little Women: Dallas” Talks Relationship with Austin & The SHOCKING Finale!

We have been hooked on the very dramatic and entertaining first season of Lifetime’s newest series Little Women: Dallas, which premiered last month. This season has had its share of relationship problems, fights, and Texas size drama… but the one of the biggest problems this season revolved around bestfriends Tiffani Chance and Caylea Woodbury moving in together and all living under one roof with Tiffani’s 19 year old boyfriend (Austin Skovran) who does not get along with Caylea at all. After telling Caylea to move out on her own, Tiffani and Austin assumed that having the house to themselves would be the best thing for their relationship… but then even more drama erupted and something happened on tonight’s finale that shocked even us! We caught up with Tiffani to discuss the season and what her relationship looks like with Austin today… what did she have to say? Read on to find out!

This season, Tiffani and Caylea faced a huge strain on their friendship after not working out as roommates and not agreeing with each others relationship and lifestyle choices. Tiffani ended up deciding to call Caylea’s Father and invite him out to Dallas from New Hampshire to talk with her. “Caylea and I have been friends for years”, Tiffani told us. “She wasn’t the same girl I used to know.. So I thought her father would of been a help for her. I didn’t do it out of malice. I have a good relationship with my parents so if she called mine it really wouldn’t hurt me that much. I would be more happier to see that he’s with me!”

Once Tiffani’s Dad came into town on tonight’s season finale, things really turned upside down and her Father was NOT happy with Skovran after hearing the things he has said and done since he’s been in Dallas. After a season full of very heated arguments between the couple, it all came to a shocking conclusion on tonight’s finale when Tiffani packed Austin’s things and sent him back home to Ohio. “After his display of disrespect towards me I felt it was best for us to have time apart”, Tiffani told us. “For him to grow up & get his stuff together. It also gave me time to think about our relationship. Watching it all back has been a real eye opener. It’s never easy to watch the demise of your relationship. Let alone having to watch it play out in front of millions of strangers.”

So are Austin and Tiffani still together after his dramatic exit during the finale? Regarding that question Tiffani told us one thing, “Just keep watching. There might be a us… there might not be. Stay tuned!

We will be staying tuned for sure because Little Women Dallas WILL be returning with new episodes in 2017! Until then, get ready for the highly anticipated third season of Little Women Atlanta which returns January 4th at 9/8c!

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