Meet The Newest “Little Women” of Atlanta!

We are counting down the days until the season 3 premiere of Little Women: Atlanta, which promises to be the most dramatic season yet. With two new ladies and a lot of secrets unfolding, we cannot wait to see what goes down in Atlanta!

Since the show is premiering next week, the buzz has been going around about the newest additions to the cast: Tanya and Sam. We decided to do some research on these ladies and we have to say, they are both the perfect fit for this group. Learn more about the new amazing little ladies below!


Tanya Scott: According to Lifetime’s website, “Tanya is an independent successful little woman in Atlanta who becomes the voice of reason and truth when issues with Minnie can’t seem to be resolved. Usually perched above the drama, she’s able to bring a new perspective on the situation by finding a way to give Minnie the strength to come clean about her lies. However, it doesn’t take long for Tanya to get pulled into the drama herself when her past is dredged up. It’s a constant battle to make time for her business and her friends, but she always puts her two young children first.”

Instagram & Twitter: @tanyatehanna



Samantha AKA Sam: According to Lifetime’s website, “Originally from New Jersey, Sam is Tanya’s long time friend. Looking for a new client base for her makeup business, Sam has come to Atlanta to also help Tanya with her two young kids. Living under Tanya’s roof with two toddlers isn’t always easy, but Sam handles the task at hand with her fearless attitude. Not one to hold her tongue, Sam is never afraid of telling the truth when she’s with the other ladies.”

Instagram: @smokeydabear__

Meet the new ladies officially during the season 3 premiere next Wednesday (January 4th) at 9/8c on Lifetime!