EXCLUSIVE: Where is the “Married to Medicine Houston” Cast Now?

The first season of Bravo’s Married to Medicine: Houston was absolutely insane! SO much happened with the ladies during their premiere season, but the show actually wrapped filming a while ago… so we wanted to know what the Houston ladies have been up to since we last saw them in the finale. What did they have to tell us? Read on to find out!

Dr. Erika Sato: Derek and I went through IVF earlier this year (with Dr. McKnight at Houston IVF) and have 2 frozen embryos. Now we’re just trying to figure out the best time for implantation. A surrogate is still a possibility (especially if we want to implant both at the same time), but we’re both very happy with how everything has progressed to date. Not shown in the opening episode where we discussed children was another discussion about getting a dog. On that point we were able to come to a quick consensus, and so we got an English Bulldog puppy shortly after filming was finished (his name is Bucky and he is totally adorable!). Derek and I also celebrate our three year wedding anniversary in 2 weeks with an annual trip to Las Vegas (the original scene of the crime). Professionally my practice has changed dramatically. I now rarely take any trauma call, and my business has shifted to predominantly cosmetic cases. I still do breast reconstruction for cancer patients, but as we have added several surgeons to my practice over the past 2 years my niche has become mostly as a cosmetic plastic surgeon. There have been a couple of significant developments in my life since the show that weren’t seen on-screen. We had looked for a couple of years to buy a place, and finally feel like we found a good fit, so we took the plunge and put a down payment on a place last month. That said, it won’t be ready to move into until 2018, so we’ll be testing my patience for the next year or so as it’s being built. On a less exciting but much more impactful note, we’ve been dealing with my mother’s dementia for the past couple of years as well. I’m not sure if it’s Alzheimer’s, or if it’s an effect from all of the wrestling collisions over the years, known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, but it’s recently worsened and it’s been really difficult. I’m thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to visit her or have her come to Houston pretty frequently, and we cherish every second. I’ve always been incredibly close to my mother, and watching a loved one slowly slip away has been heartbreaking.”

Dr. Ashandra Batiste: Dr. Ashandra Batiste has kept her bedazzled cape on tight while she has continued to maintain her work life balance. Since filming in 2015, Dr.Batiste has opened a new state of the art dental practice. Dr. Batiste and her husband Ricky are still active in their community and continue to support The Fountain of Praise Church. Ricky has been active in leading the marketing efforts for the non profit Suits for Sons. Avery is active in swim team and Logan helps keep the team mate cool and hydrated by being the official cooler loader.

Rachel Suliburk: Since wrapping filming, Rachel and James have welcomed their first child, William, born in August 2016. Mama Maribel has moved out of the Suliburk house in to her own place (not to worry, it is just down the road from Casa de Suliburk) and has continued her search for the perfect man – she is as single, flirty and “glamazon” fabulous as ever.

Rachel has continued with school, staying on the dean’s list and is starting her last semester and graduating in February 2017. She loves being a mom to little William and has even found a little time to continue volunteering in the Houston community.  She is currently evaluating possible nursing positions and looking forward to no longer being a student.

James is as busy as ever with a booming endocrine surgery practice through Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center.  He continues to teach students and residents while serving as an attending trauma surgeon at Ben Taub Hospital.  He loves taking care of the patients and loves even more coming home to Rachel and son William at the end of a long day.

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Dr. Elly Pourasef: “Since it’s been about a year and a half since filming ended, I’ve been quite busy growing Memorial Hearing. Because I’ve been in private practice in Houston since 2009 my patients from 5-7 years ago are now due for a new set of hearing aids so my established patient base in addition to my growing new patient base has kept me quite busy! I’ve also been very busy with my side business (Sofreh Chic) as more and more people are hiring us for their Persian wedding sofrehs, so that’s really cutting into my weekends lately. Ryan has grown into managing both new and used cars now at a bigger dealership, so we are both still busy worker bees!”

Pegah, Rachel, Dr. Ashandra, and myself have grown even closer (even nick naming our own little group as ‘my batches’) and text each other many times on a weekly basis and try to make time to see one another as often as we can. Pegah and Arvin ended up purchasing a home in Houston so she’s here more often than not (thank goodness!!) As far as the other two docs, we have had a roller coaster of a relationship since filming ended, getting close at times and then completely cutting ties at others- just very up and down… We seem to want to get close but then something sets us further back. It’s hard when you’re just not on the same page as certain people, you know?”

“For me this was an exciting experience and I am happy that so many people have reached out to me to let me know that they have learned more about the field of Audiology. One lady even messaged me saying that because of the show she now knows what type of help her little daughter needs as she wasn’t given the answers she needed by other health care professionals. There’s been such an outpouring of support towards me and what happened on the show and my field in general which makes me feel like people truly care and are good natured, and that’s always an amazing feeling.”

Pegah Pourasef: “A lot has gone on in my life since filming wrapped. My husband, Arvin, graduated from fellowship in interventional radiology and started working outside of Houston. You saw that Elly was VERY upset about me potentially moving away, and pretty much demanded we buy a house in Houston no matter what and be here all the time. Well we did just that. We bought a house inside the loop and Arvin comes home pretty much every other week and I go see him as well. It’s not ideal, but it definitely leaves plenty of time for Pourasef sisters shenanigans! I am also busy working for the medical education consulting company my husband co-founded, as well as my law firm Pourasef Law, PLLC.”

“Me, Elly, Rachel, and Ashandra are still very close. They are wonderful friends and we text all the time and try to see each other as much as all of our busy schedules allow. Unfortunately, I am not close with Erika and Monica. We’ve all had a lot of drama since the show wrapped, and even more since it aired, but I wish them the best. I’m so proud to have been a part of the show and to represent Houston…it’s something I’ll never forget!”

Dr. Monica Patel: Since filming wrapped, Monica and Imad tried their best to make it work, but they both decided to go their separate ways. Monica is just enjoying being single and going into 2017 with happiness and positive vibes.