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Jenelle Evans Has Her Day In Court

Her Day In Court!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans got into some issues when she had a fight with her ex Nathan Griffith’s then girlfriend, Jessica Henry (read about that here). Tonight, on the Teen Mom 2 premiere, we will get to see Evans have her day in court. Read on for details.

Jenelle Evans Court Testimony Revealed

When Evans gives her testimony, she states, “I was in the kitchen making some water- some ice water- and I look out the window and Nathan pulled in my driveway. I come outside and Jessica said something to me. I don’t even remember what she said because it’s so long ago.”
“Then she came out towards me so then I took it as a threat,” she continued. “My son was upstairs sleeping. I went to go throw water in her face. I did not mean for the cup to hit her at all. I threw it this way and it slid out of my hand and it hit her in the head. Once it landed in her lap I turned around to run back inside because I felt like I was about to be attacked. She picked up the glass and threw it back at me. Did not hit me. Then I went inside the house.”
She then went on to detail that, “As I was running in the house he  (Nathan) was screaming you will not have your child back, I will make sure he gets taken from you forever and you will never see him again. I started panicking again because I was already moving- I was in the process of moving- and for him to bring her over to me is so disrespectful.”
As Evans is tearing up, she wraps with saying, “I just try to be a good person and a good mom. That’s all.”
Here is the clip from tonight’s episode:
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