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EXCLUSIVE: Leah Remini- The Government Needs To Investigate Scientology

Exclusive Interview!

One of my favorite new shows on television is Leah Remini‘s Scientology: The Aftermath. I am beyond inspired each week watching Leah bravely confront the horrors of Scientology and bring to the forefront the stories of people who have been harmed by this religion. I was beyond excited to get the opportunity to chat with Leah regarding her new series. Read on to see what she had to share with me.

EXCLUSIVE Leah Remini Government Needs To Investigate Scientology

On what inspired her to do this TV series, Leah told me that, “I was inspired by Scientology’s victims who left the church and spoke out. I felt they needed a voice. I saw this organization as a bully organization and felt it was important to do something about it.”

Knowing that the church has reportedly followed people who have left it around and worked tirelessly to defame them, I was curious if Leah was nervous going into this project. I also wondered if she was nervous for the potential backlash it could have after airing.

I don’t care what the organization attempts to do to me personally,” she revealed, “I care about those who don’t have a public forum to make the public aware of their tactics to silence people.”

While watching the show, viewers have seen many families who have been torn apart by Scientology, specifically due to their policy of making members disconnect with family members who have left the Church (who the Church views as “suppressive people.”) I was curious if, after airing, anyone had reconnected with their families.

No one has reconnected,” Leah sadly revealed, “but them speaking out has been extremely healing for some. The support they have received from the world at large has given them hope, that this reign on terror of this organization might come to an end. If that happens, they might have a chance of reconnection.”

The stories that have flooded in since the show have proven to me that this was just the tip of the iceberg,” she added.

I was also curious as to what made Leah decide to finally leave Scientology behind. She revealed that, “My book has the detailed story of why I left. It wasn’t one thing that made me leave. It was a series of things that wouldn’t allow me to support it any longer.”

Wondering if anyone could ever practice a religion after leaving Scientology, Leah detailed that, “I have found real faith. But I don’t want anyone telling me how I should think. And I don’t want to do that for others. They have to find their own way.”

“In Scientology,” she continued, “you are taught there is only one way to think, one thing to believe, and that is something I will never subscribe to again.”

When asked if her series could accomplish just one thing what she would want that to be, Leah explained, “that the government agencies get their big girl and big boy pants on and protect the people they are supposed to protect. They need to investigate this criminal organization and other cults like it.”

Leah also noted in our conversation that her family supports her 100% in the series and that she is thinking about doing more episodes after the initial 8.

I want you all to know how much your support means to those who never knew this kind of love,” Leah wrapped with telling me. “Thank you from us all, from our hearts.”

I admire Leah Remini so much and personally consider her a modern day hero for using her voice in such a productive and proactive manner. I look forward to hopefully speaking to her again and recommend that, if you haven’t, you pick up her phenomenal best-selling book Troublemaker below:


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