Javi Marroquin New Girlfriend

Javi Marroquin and New Girlfriend Break Up

Broken Up!

While Teen Mom 2 Dad Javi Marroquin recently defended his ex Kail Lowry on social media (read about that here), it’s been known for a while he has been dating Cassie Bucka for the last month. Now, according to an exclusive with Radar Online, Marroquin and Bucka have broken up! Read on for the details.

Javi Marroquin New Girlfriend Break Up

Marroquin confirmed to Radar that they have broken up, telling them that, “She’s amazing, but Cassie has been really hurt in the past so it’s hard for her to not think that she’ll be hurt again.

I don’t think she was ready for everything to come at her at once,” he continued

Marroquin had more to say, adding that, “She’s an amazing girl though and if she ever does allow someone to love her that’ll be a lucky day. I hope it’ll be me, but not right now I guess.”

“It just sucks,” he wrapped with telling Radar, “cause Lincoln was starting to open up to her and asked about her. But I’ll take the bullet on that one.”

Tell us- are you surprised to hear the new couple has ended things? Sound off in the comments below.

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