Kandi Burruss Phaedra Parks

Kandi Burruss Slams Phaedra’s Story- “It’s BS!”


Yesterday, we reported how Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss was accused of sleeping with friend Shamea Morton by Phaedra Parks (read about that here). Now, Burruss has taken to her Bravo blog to address Parks’s claims. What did she have to say? Read on for details.

Kandi Burruss Phaedra Parks Shamea Story Is BS

“I was cracking up!” Burruss claims on when she watched Parks say what she did. “First of all, what Phaedra said was some bullsh–, but what she did was just an example of what I was talking about. She’s been doing shady things and saying shady things behind my back for years now. That is why I really don’t mess with her like that.”

“Although I shouldn’t have said some of the things Phaedra and I had talked about in private to anyone (I especially shouldn’t have said it on camera for the world to hear),” Burruss continued, “but at least what I said was true.”

Phaedra is whispering made-up stories, telling them this untrue Shamea story, and her rationale is ‘we are close,'” she added. “Girl, you’re reaching!”

Tell us- whose side are you on with this? Burruss or Parks? Sound off in the comments below.

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