Melissa Gorga Envy

Melissa Gorga’s Envy Closed!

Closed (Temporarily!)

UPDATE: Melissa’s website for the store is ALSO undergoing remodeling. Details here

One of Melissa Gorga‘s biggest parts of her storyline on the last season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was her Envy Boutique. Now, according to an US Weekly report, the store has closed! Read on for details.

Melissa Gorga Envy Closed!

Gorga’s rep spoke to US and told them that, “Melissa Gorga is and has always been an owner of the Envy by Melissa Gorga boutique. Melissa and Jackie (Gorga’s partner) have had a difference of opinion on how the store should be run and at this point, Jackie is no longer involved in managing the boutique, but Melissa intends to maintain the success of the boutique by managing it on her own, and she is excited to open with a new inventory of spring fashions.”

Kim DePaola, better known as Kim D, had another side to the story to tell US Weekly, dishing that, “Envy is closed. Jackie was the real owner all along. I’m going to help her liquidate everything that was in the store. The store is empty. They stripped the chandeliers, the furniture, the computer, the cameras, all the clothes, it’s all gone. Jackie stripped it all because she owns it.”

A source went on to dish that, “Melissa was unhappy, and she was like, ‘You aren’t operating this store to make a profit. This isn’t working.’ She wanted to dissolve their agreement. But Jackie wanted Melissa to just give up her stake and be a paid spokesperson.”

We’re going to have an Envy liquidation sale at Posche, the new Posche in Allendale,” DePaola added.

DePaola also stated that, “Melissa made a deal with Jackie that she would promote, she would put pictures of herself on Instagram and she would get a percentage of what was sold.”

The article also notes a sign is currently on the door of Envy that reads “Temporarily closed for inventory. Will reopen very soon.”

We will be sure to keep you posted with more details as we hear them.

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