“Sister Wives” Daughter Mariah Comes Out!

Coming out is difficult for anyone, but can you imagine coming out on national television?! That would be terrifying!

Kody and Meri Brown’s daughter Mariah came out to her parents on Sunday’s episode of TLC’s hit series, Sister Wives. She gathered her Father and his multiple wives to tell them that she’s Gay, which definitely shocks her family.

Mariah’s one of 18 children in this very famous polygamist family, and this family is definitely not used to any announcement like this one.

Fans of the show will have to wait until next week’s episode to see how the family reacts, but Mariah has publicly stated that she’s received an overwhelming amount of support on social media since Sunday’s episode. “Wow okay y’all making me cry with your support. Thank you thank you thank you thank you”, she wrote on Twitter.

We are happy for Mariah and so glad that she’s received a lot of support from fans of the show.