EXCLUSIVE: Ms. Juicy Talks New Season of “Little Women: Atlanta” and Minnie’s Shocking Revelation!

We LOVE all of Lifetime’s Little Women franchises especially Little Women: Atlanta! The little ladies of Atlanta are HILARIOUS and they definitely bring the drama and tea that we just can’t get enough of. We are SO excited to see what our Georgia Peach’s have been up to since we last saw them, especially the hilarious Ms. Juicy! We caught up with Juicy to get the scoop on the new season and her reaction to one of the most shocking revelations that the entire series has experienced. What did Juicy have to tell us? Read on to find out!

Since the end of the first season, Juicy has been very open about the fact that she doesn’t believe her fellow cast member Minnie Ross was ever pregnant with famous Atlanta rapper Pastor Troy’s child like she claimed. Fans of the show and even the other ladies in the group have really bashed Juicy for even insinuating that Minnie would lie about losing a child, but Juicy stuck with her original claim and continued to bring it up even at the very dramatic season two reunion.

Well, Juicy’s intuition may have been right because in a preview for the new season, Minnie is seen confessing to Juicy that she was never pregnant, which has had EVERYONE talking.

“When Minnie confessed- I was totally shocked and surprised”, Juicy told us. “I was suspicious about the pregnancy from the start, but to have my suspicions confirmed… well, I guess Ms. Juicy ain’t ever wrong.”

Even though Minnie’s shocking revelation has really had everyone talking about the new season, there’s a few other things that will really make the new season very unique… specifically the fact that the group has welcomed two new little ladies: Tanya and Samantha. Regarding the newest additions Juicy told us, “I absolutely love our two new ladies! They are adorable and I love that we spend the time that we do together.”

Even though the group has gained two new women, the ladies had to say goodbye to best friends Emily Fernandez and Bri Barlup (AKA Right Cheek and Left Cheek); who left Atlanta to move back to their hometown of Dallas to focus on family. The ladies also now star on Lifetime’s Little Women: Dallas.

Does Juicy miss the cheeks? “No, I don’t miss them at all actually“, Juicy shared with us… “We weren’t that close when they were here.”

Juicy told us that since we last saw her she’s been VERY busy, as she always is. “Staying on my hustle is all I know! Being Queen of Atlanta doesn’t come easy”, Juicy told us. The Queen of Atlanta has A LOT of exciting things in the works and we can’t wait to see everything she’s been working on this season!

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