Phaedra Parks Shamea Morton

Phaedra Parks- Shamea Is Thirsty and Telling Lies

“Thirsty and Telline Lies!”

On this past week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, friend Shamea Morton detailed how she believed Phaedra Parks had tried to hit on her husband in the past (read about that here). Now, Parks has responded to the allegations in her Bravo blog. What did she have to say? Read on for details.

Phaedra Parks Shamea Is Thirsty and Telling Lies

“Everyone is searching for significance in one way or another,” Parks said of Morton’s claims. “Some of us work hard to achieve our goals, while the thirsty tell lies to become a part of any conversation.”

Parks also addressed Kandi Buruss telling the other women what was said at a dinner the pair shared, stating that, “At this point, I am not surprised by anything. It is status quo for Kandi to deflect on everyone else under the guise of ‘keeping it real,’ while taking zero ownership for her role in the situation.”

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