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EXCLUSIVE: Kim D- I Don’t Need To Make Up Any Rumors About Melissa

Exclusive Response!

Yesterday evening, we reported exclusively that an insider told us that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga was considering taking legal action in regards to what’s gone down with her Envy Boutique (read about that here). In that story, the source also claimed that  all of the rumors surrounding what went down with Envy “have been made up by Kim D and none of them have any truth to it.” We reached out to Kim D (AKA Kim DePaola) to get her response to this. What did she have to tell us? Read on for details.

EXCLUSIVE Kim D- I Don’t Need To Make Up Any Rumors About Melissa

“I don’t need to make up any rumors,” Kim D exclusively dished.

The proof is in the pudding,” she added.

As far as claims that were made in our exclusive yesterday that she persuaded Envy’s other owner Jackie into “doing most of this to benefit her own store,” DePaola said, “I will do anything to support my business.”

“That is how I support myself,” she wrapped with telling us, “and f**k anyone who is going to criticize or hate on me for that.”

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