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Melissa Gorga’s Business Partner In Envy Speaks Out!

Speaking Out!

As we reported earlier this week, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga‘s store, Envy, closed temporarily (read about that here). With the close, her business partner, Jackie Beard Robinson, took everything out of the store and is liquidating it today at Kim DePaola‘s Posche (read about that here). For the first time since the incident, Robinson has spoken out to Too Fab. What is she saying? Read on for details.

Melissa Gorga Envy Business Partner Speaks Out

“Just to clarify a couple things, Melissa and I were partners,” Robinson explained. “I decided that I wanted out.”

“In the termination agreement we’ve been working on for months,” Robinson continued, “we decided that I would take all of the inventory and I was going to liquidate the store… because I basically own everything.”

So what went wrong?

“You have people that quite frankly don’t understand business,” Robinson stated. “That’s what I think ended our business relationship. I think a lot of inexperience in business was her biggest issue. You can only lead a horse to water, you cannot make them drink.”

She could not comprehend what I was trying to do,” she continued. “She couldn’t comprehend what the lawyers and the accountants were telling her.”

“The bottom line is: I did Melissa Gorga a favor,” she added. “I cleaned out that store a month early so she could get her s**t ready. Now she has a month to get it ready to sell her spring clothes in February.”

So why did Robinson choose to liquidate her merchandise at DePaola’s Posche?

She thinks that I did her wrong and I went behind her back and I went with Kim D.,” Robinson explained.

“I did not go behind her back,” she continued, “I am not in business with Kim D. I’m no way siding with Kim D. to pick on Melissa Gorga or shove it up her ass. She’s going to help me liquidate this merchandise because I didn’t want to do it in the store with Melissa standing over me.”

I wanted [Kim’s] professional opinion on what she thought I should do,” she elaborated. “They’re both good people and their war is with each other.”

“What she didn’t do was do her job, properly, that’s what I’m upset about,” Robinson wrapped with saying. “She didn’t post the proper things and listen to what I had to say. She thought she knew it all, so let’s let her see how she does. I wish her the best and maybe she’s a lot smarter than I give her credit for.”

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