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Kail Lowry- I Don’t Have Anything To Say To Javi

Nothing To Say!

This upcoming week on Teen Mom 2, fans will see Kail Lowry finding out that Javi Marroquin is coming home from deployment. From the conversation the two have about it, it’s clear there was definitely tension at that point in their relationship. Read on for details.

Kail Lowry- I Don’t Have Anything To Say To Javi

After Facetiming with Lincoln, the son him and Lowry share, Marroquin tells Lowry he’s “Almost home.” .

“Do you know your exact date?” Lowry questions.
“Yeah,” he responds.
You never texted it to me,” she answers.
“Well I don’t know- it depends when my replacement comes- I just know it’s next month,” he further explains.
“Well next month is great,” she then says.
“Alright, goodbye,” Marroquin says, before hanging up.
When asked by producers if that’s how the phone calls usually go between them, Lowry says, “I don’t have anything to say to him.
They then ask her where Marroquin will live when he comes back, to which Lowry answers, “Depends on which way this goes. I don’t know. As long as things are civil I’m happy and I’m sure he’s happy and that’s all that matters.”
“Do you have a plan for if it doesn’t work out?” producers finally ask.
“I always have a plan,” Lowry explains. “And if I don’t have a plan, I’ll… figure it out.”
Here is the clip:
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