Renee Graziano Rehab

Renee Graziano OD’d On Oxycontin!


We have always been a huge fan of Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, who recently checked into rehab (read more about that here). Now, in an exclusive interview with Radar Online, Graziano is opening up about what led her to rehab (read about that here)- and it involved a scary overdose in the past! Read on for details.

Renee Graziano Rehab OD’d On Oxycontin!

Graziano explained how she got started taking pills, stating that, “It was on July 4th in 2007. I was prescribed pain medication for a broken coccyx, they were giving me oxys and sleep meds. I didn’t eat and I wasn’t sleeping for days at that point and my body caved in. I had almost no potassium and that causes a heart attack. I collapsed.”
I had an overdose,” she continued, “and my mom didn’t know what to do so they called the ambulance. They put me on an IV and a 72-hour hold.”

I was in rehab three times before this time now,” she added. “This is my fourth attempt. So far I’ve been in 90 days at Transitions Recovery Program in Miami. They are amazing!”

Graziano had more to add, stating that, “I went in on October 4th and spent two weeks detoxing because after the first week my stomach blew up and they found a tumor! This is what happens when you neglect your body and don’t pay attention.”

“I’ve always been afraid of being happy,” she wrapped with telling Radar. “It’s been 25 years since I’ve felt that way. I’ve decided to stay in the program until March. I’m working the steps of Narcotics Anonymous for the first time!”

We applaud Graziano for taking the steps to become healthier and support her journey towards sobriety.

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