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Briana Renee’s Husband Back On Instagram!

He’s Back!

Fans of Little Women LA know that one of the biggest issues on the show last year revolved around Briana Renee‘s husband, Matt Ericson, allegedly sendings sexts to Plastic Martyr (read about that here) via Instagram. After all of the issues revolving around him sexting women, Ericson ended up leaving Instagram. In the last few weeks, though, he has returned to the social media platform. What is he using it for now? Read on for details.

Briana Renee Little Women LA Husband Back On Instagram!

When Ericson claimed he was working to change on the last season, it definitely seems he’s been holding true to his word.

His Instagram now is simply being used for sharing pictures of him and Renee and their children.

Here is a sampling of some of his recent photos:

Briana Renee Little Women LA Briana Renee Little Women LA Briana Renee Little Women LA Briana Renee Little Women LA

It’s nice to see Renee and her husband looking so happy together! We continue to wish them the best!

Tell us- are you surprised to see this? Sound off in the comments below.

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