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EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Calvert Slams Leah Messer’s ‘Not Skypeing’ Claims

Exclusive Response!

Last night on Teen Mom 2Leah Messer criticized ex Jeremy Calvert for not getting on Skype enough with their daughter. Specifically, Messer said, “I just want him to stay in contact with her and do what he has to as a Dad even though he’s working. He Skyped her last week I don’t know for two minutes or something like that. It wasn’t long I hope he Skypes her more than that.” We reached out to Calvert who exclusively responded to Messer’s claims. What did he tell us? Read on for details.

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Calvert Slams Leah Messer’s ‘Not Skypeing’ Claims

“You cant Skype ur child when no one answers the phone,” Calvert exclusively told us in response to Messer’s claims.

“Or,” he continued, “there are so many people around you cant even hear your child talk and she is distracted by everyone who is around.”

A three year old cant answer the phone herself ya know,” he added.

He also told us that he did Skype with his daughter a lot when she was at his Mom’s house.

We appreciate Calvert clarifying the situation to us.

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