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Nathan Griffith Talks Getting Back With Jenelle

Getting Back Together?

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is currently pregnant with a third child with David Eason. If she ever hypothetically wanted Nathan Griffith back, though, would he consider it? He talked to The Dirty after his most recent arrest about this. What did he have to say?

Nathan Griffith Talks Getting Back With Jenelle

“She tries telling people at the reunions that I want her back,” Griffith told The Dirty. “I told Dr. Drew to ask her to show one text where I ever wanted to speak to her alone or ever said anything about wanting a relationship back with her. She couldn’t do it.”

I would never want Jenelle back or take her back,” he continued dishing. “After I left her, she got pregnant with David’s child instead of focusing on herself and the two children she had, one of which is mine. Even if she wanted me back- as much as I love children- why would I want to go back to help her raise another man’s child? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Griffith added that, “I have dated women with kids and I love kids. I would love helping someone with their child. But this situation is different.”

He wrapped with saying that, “I am stupid to get involved with these crazy girls.”

Personally, both Evans and Griffith seem happy apart, and we feel like it should stay that way.

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