Lala & Kristen Have EXPLOSIVE Argument at SUR- Witness DJ Duffey Responds!

Even when camera’s aren’t rolling, drama still follows the Vanderpump Rules stars! Even though Lala Kent has very publicly quit the show, she’s still on good terms with Lisa Vanderpump and enjoys having a nice dinner at SUR from time to time… even though some nights at SUR might not be so nice.

According to Page Six, Lala was seen having a late night business dinner with friend and fellow reality star DJ Duffey from Basketball Wives LA. The two were meeting to discuss Lala’s music career and the possibility of the two working together to produce records and things like that. A source told Page Six that, “There were about seven or eight people when [the group] had gotten to Sur, and I guess Lala had went into the room where they let the old staff sit and drink, and Kristen went in there and told her to get out.”

Even though Kent moved tables to avoid further drama, Doute apparently followed the group and continued to cause a scene by screaming at Lala again saying, “Get off my show, you don’t belong here, you’re nothing.”

According to the source, Kent tried not to pay any attention to Kristen and her drama even when Kristen tried to get SUR staff to kick Lala out.

We reached out to Duffey to get her take on the situation and she told us, “I was just ready to help LaLa if something happened, girl was being very aggressive.”

Duffey and Kent’s friendship has grown since they first linked up at Amber Rose’s SlutWalk in LA last fall. They both have become very close and have some amazing things in the works.

Tell us- what do YOU think about the fight between Kristen and LaLa?