EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Andrea Salinas Talks Drama with Minnie, Relationship with Emily & Bri, and More!

This season of Little Women: Atlanta has been INSANE, especially after last week’s fight at Minnie’s birthday dinner. After Minnie dropped the bomb that she was never pregnant and Sam revealed Minnie’s past, it seems like all sorts of secrets and allegations are coming to the surface… and the Tiny twins (Andrea & Amanda) don’t know who or what to believe anymore. We caught up with one of the tiny twins (Andrea) to get her take on all of the drama this season and even get the scoop on her relationship with a few former cast members. What did she have to tell us? Read on to find out!

Q: Were you hesitant at all to return this season after how dramatic last season was? Especially with Chris being such a huge part of last season… 

“No, I wasn’t hesitant at all! I like it better this way and I go where my twin goes!”
Q: What is your current relationship like with Bri & Emily? Do you miss them? 
“I don’t trust them! Emily is always making up lies about what we say or twisting words around—  and of course Bri follows Emily! She’s just jealous of us. I don’t miss them at all – there’s probably always going to be bad blood between us.”
Q: What was your first impression of Sam & Tanya and are you glad to have them as part of the group? 
Sam yes, but I don’t know about Tanya yet…can’t put my finger on it but I don’t totally trust that girl.”
Q: Why did you & Amanda kind of go after Monie at Tanya’s house for not going off or sticking up for Juicy? 
“We were just defending Minnie. We are ride or die – we ride for you, we die for you. Monie has shown us that she’s not like that. Who knows where her loyalties lie.”
Q: When you found out that Minnie admitted that she lied about the pregnancy & the miscarriage, what was your reaction? 
“Shocked and disappointed, especially when she told Juicy before us! That made me mad because we are supposed to be close friends. But Juicy and Minnie have a history that goes back really far – so we have to ultimately respect her decision to go to Juicy first. I’m also really proud of her – I can’t imagine how strong you have to be to come clean.”