Stassi Katie Medical Marijuana

Stassi and Katie Get Medical Marijuana Cards

Medical Marijuana!

In California, medical marijuana is used for a variety of things, and you have access to it as long as you have a medical marijuana card. On tonight’s Vanderpump Rules, we will get to see Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder get their medical marijuana cards and visit a dispensary. Read on for details.

Stassi and Katie Get Medical Marijuana Cards

In the scene on tonight’s episode, Maloney and Schroeder are shown visiting a doctor who gives the authorization to have a medical marijuana card. Maloney says she wants a card due to her “irritability that I have sometimes where I can get like agitated.”  Schroeder claims she wants one because she is “trying to replace sleeping pills.”

Both women are approved for cards, and we see them shopping at a medical marijuana dispensary.

Personally, we think the scene is an interesting look into how one can get a medical marijuana card in California and what a dispensary looks like inside.

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