EXCLUSIVE: Minnie Ross Addresses Pregnancy Situation & Relationship with Pastor Troy!

This season of Little Women: Atlanta has been absolutely insane, and we love it! With two new girls and shocking revelations, this season is turning out to be the best yet! One of the biggest storylines this season revolves around Minnie Ross revealing that she was never actually pregnant with Pastor Troy’s child. This news was SHOCKING, to say the least, and fans have more questions than ever for Miss Minnie. We caught up with Minnie to get all the answers! What did she have to tell us? Read on to find out!

Last season, a lot of the girls seemed to question Minnie regarding the validity of her miscarriage and her relationship with Pastor Troy. Since last season was really hard for Minnie, fans were wondering why she decided to come back to the drama and craziness this season. Minnie told us that, “I wasn’t hesitant to return to the season because it is a part of reality. I have to keep pushing and never let anything stop me. I was not going to allow anyone to get to me or prevent me from returning to the show!

Even though Minnie wasn’t worried about coming back to the show, why was she so hesitant to tell the ladies she wasn’t actually pregnant? “Perception is reality…. and as far as I was concerned my personal failures were no one’s business“, Minnie told us. “I felt relieved and like we could move forward after talking with Juicy about the pregnancy“, Minnie continued. “Every time we would get together, there would be some form of an attack about the pregnancy. I really did think I was pregnant and once I discovered I wasn’t, because of how ugly they had been, I didn’t want to go down the dark path over and over or have to cover up or defend myself.

Even when Minnie told all of the ladies the truth regarding her pregnancy, not everyone was so thrilled and open to forgetting about the past… Amanda and Andrea were not so happy that Minnie didn’t tell them the truth first since they’re so close to her. Minnie told us she told Juicy first due to the fact that the Queen of Atlanta is REALLY nosy! Minnie told us, “To shut her (Juicy) up, I told her first! It was nothing against my loves Drea and Amanda, I just wanted to get Ms. Juicy out of the way!

Now, what’s the current status with Minnie & Pastor Troy? Apparently, he’s 1000% #TeamMinnie! “He is ok with the situation and understands the pregnancy story ran out of control“, Minnie told us. He has been supportive every step of the way… we were both disappointed!”

We love Minnie and we’re so glad that she’s in a much better place with the ladies and in her love life!

Tell us- what do YOU think of what Minnie told us? Do you think Minnie is telling the complete truth?