Danielle Staub RHONJ season 7

Danielle Staub Returning To Housewives!

She’s Back!

While we had heard that former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub would not be back aside from a few scenes, a new exclusive from The Dirty claims that Staub definitely will be making an appearance in the upcoming season 7. Read on for details.

Danielle Staub RHONJ Season 7 Return Happening

An insider told The Dirty that, “Production is now considering having Danielle on for a few episodes.”

Their source added that, “She still is not getting the coveted Housewife spot that she has been trying to campaign for. But she my appear on a few episodes.”

“This could be them filming her once or twice and playing it out over a few episodes,” their source wrapped with dishing, “or they could actually have her on for a stint. It truly depends on what she brings to the table.”

This definitely is going to be an interesting season of the show.

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