Lala Kent Vanderpump Rules

Lala Kent Slams Vanderpump Rules Costars In Explosive Note

Writing Them Off!

On this season of Vanderpump Rules, a lot of controversy has surrounded Lala Kent, who her co-stars claim is sleeping with a married man. Kent took to Twitter last night to sound off on her co-stars in an explosive note. What did she have to say? Read on for details.

Lala Kent Slams Vanderpump Rules Costars In Explosive Note

Here is a copy of Kent’s note:

“But y’all did slut shame me. From the second I walked onto the show. U had 0 facts. Not one thing you said was 100% factual. That’s the part that hurt my feelings the most. It was a game of telephone and y’all took it and didn’t care what was actually real and what wasn’t. Shame on you. The disgusting human-beings are you people. Why would anyone want to be honest with any of you! Have you seen how you have treated each other? You bailed on your best friend because you didn’t like the group. You punch your friend in the face because she slept with your man. But I’m supposed to be a saint to you all after none of you have been kind to me? You’re delusional.”
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