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Jason Hoppy’s Nasty Emails To Bethenny Unveiled!

Nasty Emails!

Recently, Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel‘s ex-husbadn, Jason Hoppy, was arrested for allegedly threatening and harassing her (read about that here). Now, Page Six has obtained copies of some of the nasty emails he was reportedly sending her- and the contents are explosive! Read on for details.

Jason Hoppy’s Nasty Emails To Bethenny Unveiled!

Some of the contents of emails Hoppy reportedly sent over the past few months include the following:

  •  “Despite your games. I’ll never let you do to me what your mother did to your father. I’ll never go away.”
  •  “Your definition of harassment is comical. I will continue to communicate with you as I see fit.”
  • He once allegedly emailed asking for her life insurance policy.

The source Page Six spoke to claims that between November of 2016 and 1/27/17, Hoppy sent Frankel around 160 emails.

Interestingly, a police source Page Six spoke to has a slightly different story, as they dished that, “Bethenny came in [to the precinct] with her lawyer and a few friends. She was making more out of this than it was, that was the overall impression. She’s been involved in a terrible divorce with this guy. And it seemed to us that she was filing the report because she wanted to take revenge on him, get back at him for something he did connected to the divorce. This is common among celebrity types — even C-listers like her — when they’re involved in a bad divorce. We get this a lot. It did not appear to us like Hoppy was going to attack her in any way. He seems like a pretty cool character. But she filed the report and because of that we had cause to arrest him.”

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