RHOD Season 2

RHOD Season 2 End Revealed!

Season 2’s End Revealed!

As we’ve known for a while now, The Real Housewives of Dallas is currently taping its second season (read more about that here). Today, The Dirty revealed how the second season is going to close- and it’s a bit abnormal for a Bravo show. Read on for details.

RHOD Season 2 End Revealed

A source told  The Dirty that, “Typically, the Housewives shows go out with a big bang. However, this time, Bravo is trying a different strategy. While there’s been a lot of drama during taping, production is trying to get the women to tie up loose ends and end on a positive note.”

The season ends on a high note around a big occasion,” their source added. “There was a big party the other night where all the women were all together shooting for the last time for this season.”

Their insider also dished that, “It’s definitely going to be a good season, and all the women on the cast seem excited about it.”

We are so excited for Dallas to return!

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