Leah Messer Daughter

Leah Messer Not Forcing Daughter To Use Wheelchair

“Giving Her The Option”

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer‘s daughter, Ali, has struggled with muscular dystrophy for some time now. In tonight’s episode, fans will see Messer open up more about Ali and her wheelchair, and how she isn’t always forcing her to use it. Read on for details.

Leah Messer Not Forcing Daughter To Use Wheelchair

Messer says that, “I’ve been trying to make her use it as much as possible. I feel like she should have that option, like I’m not going to tell her, “No, you can’t walk.’ You’ve got to be out of your f**king mind! I’m not going to tell my child that if she wants to.”

I can’t allow her to push herself too far,” Messer adds, clearly indicating she understands the importance of Ali using her wheelchair.

While fans have been critical of many aspects of Messer’s life, we have always felt that she is a good mother to Ali and has always worked hard to get Ali the help she needs.

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