Camille Peruto

Camille Peruto From The Sea To The Sky Review

A Powerful Voice!


I am always excited when I hear about new music, as I am always looking for something new to add to my ever changing repertoire of songs that I play on my phone. I was especially excited when I hardhat Camille Peruto was releasing an album, as she is a New Jersey native that has opened for the likes of Anna Nalick and Tim Reynolds form the Dave Matthews Band. Her new album entitled From The Sea To The Sky just came out last month. So is it worth a listen? Read on for my thoughts.

Camille Peruto From The Sea To The Sky Review

The album opens with “Crooked Roads,” which is also the lead single. From the first second the song begins, it is clear that Peruto has powerful pipes. Her voice sounds has hues of Sheryl Crow mixed with the aforementioned Nalick and Sara Bareilles. The number has a catchy hook as well, that immediately gets stuck in your head on replay. 
“Biscuit Moon,” which follows, is more of a down tempo number than the predecessor. I found myself still enjoying it, though, as Peruto’s voice still shined brightly. I also liked the lyrics, especially when Peruto sang, “I’m gonna take a walk under the biscuit moon so I can find what it is that I’m searching for in you.
“Sword,” which appears later on the album, is another standout track. On this track, Peruto’s vocal range was really shown off, especially on the first verse, where she almost reminded me of Alanis Morissette. The song sounds like it would fit perfectly set over a trailer for a very emotional movie or TV show. 
“Crazy Crazy Mad” is another song I found myself enjoying. I liked the drum beat that the song starts with, and found it to have a slightly more lighthearted feel than some of the other songs on the album. 
Other cuts on From The Sea To The Sky include the pretty “Row Ghost,” and the powerful closer “Lagoon.”
Overall, with this album Camille Peruto has proved she is quite a talented artist that deserves to be checked out. 
Listen to “Crooked Roads” below: