EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Amanda Salinas Talks Minnie’s Confession, Andrea’s Relationship, & Her Future with Jordan!

You can never have Amanda without her twin sister Andrea Salinas, who together make up the Tiny Twin duo. We can’t get enough of the twins and their crazy antics, especially this season! We caught up with Andrea a few weeks ago, but now it’s Amanda’s turn to spill the tea on this jaw-dropping season. Check out our exclusive Q&A with Amanda below!

Q: When you found out that Minnie had lied about her pregnancy & miscarriage, what was your initial reaction? Had you ever doubted Minnie’s story in the past?

“I had mixed feelings! Deep inside, I had my doubts, but when I found out, I was sad and disappointed at the same time that she lied to her close friends.”
Q: What were your first impressions of the new girls?
“Tanya seemed mysterious. I couldn’t read her body language at first. Sam seemed to be easy-going and cool.”
Q: Did you know about Minnie’s past with the law or was it a shock when Sam revealed it?
“I didn’t know about Minnie’s past. The way I see it is, we all make mistakes when we are young. Can’t judge!”
Q: How do you feel about Chris leaving your sister for good this time?
“I love my sister very much— all I want is for her to be happy and she deserves someone better!”
Q: Your relationship with Jordan seems pretty amazing right now! Do you two plan on having kids or getting married anytime soon?
“My relationship with Jordan is great, but not perfect. Everyone has their ups and downs! Jordan and I are choosing not to have kids right now because we’re still young and we need to enjoy each other’s company. Besides, I just want to help my sister with her babies. They’re my babies! As for us getting married, I don’t know about that either. We are definitely not ready for that big of a commitment yet, but maybe in the future.”