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Why Lydia Is Coming Back To RHOC Revealed!

Why She’s Back!

For a while now, it’s been known that Real Housewives of Orange County season 12 will see the return of Lydia McLaughlin as a full time Housewife. This morning, The Dirty exclusively found out why production had a strong interest in bringing McLaughlin back. What did they find out? Read on for details.

Why Lydia Is Coming Back To RHOC Revealed!

Lydia is extremely level headed and tends to get along with everyone,” a source told The Dirty.

“Last season was so dark and dramatic,” they added. “Lines were drawn in the sand and sides were established. Production is hoping Lydia will be able to be neutral ground and get along with both sides.”

The Dirty‘s insider wrapped with dishing that, “Lydia truly likes everyone and will bring some light out of the dark.”

We are so excited for the return of McLaughlin and can’t wait to hear more about RHOC as season 12 tapes.

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