EXCLUSIVE: Amber and Matt Statement On New Rent Lawsuit- It’s 100% Not...

EXCLUSIVE: Amber and Matt Statement On New Rent Lawsuit- It’s 100% Not True

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Yesterday, a story surfaced claiming Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and her fiancé, Matt Baier, were being sued a second time for a failure to pay rent on their new home and for trashing it. We reached out to Portwood and Baier and have their official response to the situation below.

EXCLUSIVE: Amber and Matt Statement On New Rent Lawsuit- It’s 100% Not True

Here is the statement the couple released:
“The rent story is 100% not true. We purchased our home from a private investor. We pay a mortgage. We do not pay rent. The lawsuit/eviction filing was done improperly. It was a complete and utter misunderstanding. When it was filed, the person that filed the paperwork- and has since rescinded it on the same day- has admitted such. In text message to us, we were told to ignore the quote rumors because they’re not true. It was filed mistakenly and we were apologized to hours later when we found out about it. Our mortgage is paid months and months in advance and we have receipts to show that, although they’re not claiming anything otherwise. This was a complete misunderstanding, and none of what you’re reading is true.”
They added that, “In our contract, it’s a mortgage commitment to a private investor. It’s not rent. So when we see people say rent to own, we don’t understand what the big deal is. It’s simply a private investor that we’re paying monthly in large amounts to buy this house. We’ve never lied to anybody about it. We are purchasing this home. We don’t have a lease. We have complete possession of the home. People who sit there and say that we lied about purchasing it- it’s not true. We never lied about purchasing it. It was simply a misunderstanding.”
The couple also shared that, “TMZ had contacted us about this story last week. They were going to run it, but once we told them that it was not true- and offered proof- they did more research and contacted us back to acknowledge we were right and that the story was going to be killed. Sadly, other outlets- even when offered the proof that it was not true- decided to run it anyway.”
Stay tuned, as we will have two more exclusive pieces regarding Amber that you’ll want to read soon.
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  1. Someone should work on creating original excuses.
    So I guess they paid what was due before they had to apear, the charges will therefore be dropped and they will say ‘told you so’.

  2. These morons keep saying “Don’t believe the media.” Court documents are NOT the media. Did she even read the actual paperwork? It’s on Radar for all to see. No one “mistakenly” files paperwork like this – did they accidentally also fill out where it says she trashed the place? Ugh, they are such creepy losers.