Jeremy Calvert Married

Exclusive Jeremy Calvert Secretly Married?

Secret Marriage?

There are always INNUMERABLE rumors circulating the Teen Mom 2 cast. The latest is a rumor that keeps popping up that Jeremy Calvert and fiancé Brooke Wehr got married. This time, the gossip surrounding this claims they were “secretly married.” Where are the rumors coming from and are they true? Read on for details.

Exclusive Jeremy Calvert Secretly Married

The rumors are likely circulating from a recent Instagram post Calvert made where he called Wehr his “wife.”

Specifically, he stated, “Great night with the wife at @lukecombsmusic & @brantleygilbert#wv #greatconcert and personal thanks to @shaunfoistofficial for setting things up for us we truly appreciate it man.. #weoweyou.”

So are they married?

We reached out to a source close to the situation who dished that, “Jeremy and Brooke are NOT married.”

“Jeremy is just playing around, as he knows if he writes that people flip out” they added.

“So, no, they’re not currently married, but do plan to wed some day,” our source wrapped with telling us.

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