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Nathan Griffith- David, Call Me A B***h To My Face

“Say It To My Face!”

This past week on Teen Mom 2David Eason was talking about Nathan Griffith to Jenelle Evans and referred to him as a “b***h.” Griffith took to his Twitter to respond with a note about the situation. What did he have to say? Read on for details.

Nathan Griffith- David, Call Me A B***h To My Face

“Hmmm bitch?” Griffith began. “You both leave all the time on vacation and have been kicked out of every bar in Wilmington because you go out constantly.”

“Why do you say that in the comfort of your car around children but not to my face?” Griffith questioned.

Griffith had more to say, writing, “I have been nothing but respectful to both of you and nothing but cooperative and supportive of your relationship. You’ve even asked me to get information to help you try to overturn the judge’s restraining order keeping you from your son. But once again I’m the b***h.”

“Who leaves a 2 week old baby alone with a woman that is rumored to have AIDS,” Griffith later states in the explosive note.

Want to see the entire note?

Here it is:

nathan Griffith David nathan Griffith David

We have reached out to Evans’s reps to see if she is planning to respond but haven’t received word as of yet.

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