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EXCLUSIVE: Amber Portwood and Matt Baier Responds To First Rental Lawsuit

Exclusive Response!

Recently, we exclusively talked to Amber Portwood and Matt Baier regarding a rumored eviction from their home due to lack of payment (read about that here). We also spoke with them about another lawsuit they have ongoing, regarding their last rental property. What did they have to tell us? Read on for details.

Amber Portwood Matt Baier Rental Lawsuit Response Exclusive

Portwood shared that, “People are going to make up anything to get money and we’re going to court over it. We have every intention of showing with our receipts what we did for the home and that it was not like that. If you ever watched the show, our home was never trashed or looking nasty.”

“Not only is the company that professionally cleaned the house testifying for us that it was immaculate,” Baier added, “but the person that collected rent at that place always received the rent in cash. That person was fired from that company the month after we moved out for stealing over $25,000 in cash rent payments in the last year. That’s a public record. That’s who we paid our rent to and they claimed we didn’t pay our last month’s rent.”

“We have our receipts that show we did,” he continued. “The company claims they didn’t have a record of the rent payment, but admitted they fired the person we were paying for stealing rent payments.”

Based on what the couple shared, we have no doubt they’ll be victorious in the case, and feel that it’s a shame they even have to deal with this.

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