Betty Moon Chrome

Betty Moon Chrome Album Review

A Great Album!

I always enjoy getting to hear unique music, and was very excited when I heard that Betty Moon was releasing a new album next month entitled Chrome. I was particularly excited for this due to Moon’s eclectic style. So how does her new album hold up? Read on for my review.

Betty Moon Chrome Review

The album opens with “Sound,” a really interesting cut. I liked the bass-heavy beat during the verses, which exploded into a loud celebration during the chorus. I immediately found the song stuck in my head by the end of it.
“Demolate,” which follows, is another great track with a dance-heavy beat. The thing I found particularly interesting with this song was how the lyrics are so dark and sad but placed over upbeat music. For example, at one point, Moon sings, “It’s been a demolition in my heart again/ The moment you put me back together’s the moment you break my soul.” You wouldn’t expect to hear lyrics like that over such a happy sounding beat, but it works perfectly here.
“Bullet To My Brain,” a song that appears later on the disc, is another great cut. The music is, yet again, upbeat and has a strong dance vibe to it. Moon’s voice also sounds great here; however, there was one thing I did not like about this song. The lyrics, at times, were a bit trite, especially when Moon sang, “My sticks and stones will break your bones.” For an artist who makes such well thought out, introspective lyrics, I found myself annoyed by the line. With that said, though, the track still makes for a great listen.
Other songs on the album include “Waste Your Time,” which reminded me of Santigold and Sade, and the slower “Life Is But A Dream.”
Overall, with Chrome, Betty Moon definitely has another hit on her hands that I highly recommend you pick up when it’s released on 3/24/16.
For now, check out the single Chrome below: