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Below Deck Production Boat Sinks During Taping Of Season 5!

Emergency Situation!

While we have been reporting on the currently taping fifth season of Below Deck (read more on that here), a story broke last week regarding how a production boat sank during filming! Read on for details!

Below Deck Season 5 Production Boat Sinks During Filming

A local newspaper in St. Maarten (called the Soualiga Post) where the cast is currently filming reported that the boat- which they noted was “the canteen for the shooting team of Below Deck” sank on 2/10 at 12 AM.

The onboard chief that the paper spoke to, who was named Tricia, stated that, “We were entering the marina when I heard something and suddenly everybody started to yell, ‘get out!’ The other boats’ captains came to take the crew with their dinghies. I could take my things, I mean, the most important things, and I left the ship. Nobody got hurt. I was just afraid someone got electrocuted with all this water and the electronic stuffs around [sic].”

Head here to see the initial report and some scary pictures!

We’re Glad to hear everyone is okay!

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