Canary Home Security System

Canary An Intelligent Home Security Solution

Intelligent Security!

Regardless of where you live, one of the things that is always on the mind of a homeowner (or renter) is security. Personally, I know I always sleep better¬†when I’ve double checked that my doors are locked, for example. An interesting an innovative device has been recently released called the “Canary,” which offers an intelligent home security solution. Read on for my thoughts.

 Canary An Intelligent Home Security Solution

The Canary is basically a motion sensor that detects activity/movement in the region that it is set up in. When activity/movement is detected, a push notification is sent to your phone (via the Canary app) to alert you that the Canary has detected something. From the push notification, you can sound a siren or call for emergency help.

The app also allows you to click a live feed to monitor what is going on in your home at any given moment. This is particularly useful if you have a pet you want to keep an extra eye on.

The canary is also rather versatile in terms of picking up motion at many angles. I tried playing with it by placing it in an angle I hoped would pick up motion in multiple areas, and it worked overtime.

My only complaint with the Canary would be when you are sleeping. I tend to leave my phone on silent, so if a push notification was to come through alerting that motion had been detected, I would miss it. This is truly the only detriment of the Canary that I was able to find.

While many people typically tend to protect their homes with security systems, in a modern age, the Canary offers an interesting and innovative alternative that is affordable, beginning at $199.

I would highly recommend checking out the Canary here, as it will definitely give you that extra sense of security you may be seeking.