Jenelle Evans Commercial

Jenelle Evans To Star In Upcoming Commercial

Commercial Star!

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans has been known to endorse products on all of her social media, but now it seems she is taking that a step further by starring in a commercial! What do we mean? Read on for details.

Jenelle Evans To Star In Upcoming Commercial

Evans took to her Twitter to share that, “Really want to know more about Laboraide?? Commercial (staring me!) coming soon! ?.”

According to the site, the product reduces the need for a c-section  or vacuum and allows for “steady breathing and better pushing in childbirth.”

It will be interesting to see if starring in commercials is a new career path that Evans is going to go down, or if this is going to be a one time thing.

As always, we will be sure to keep you posted, so make sure to stay tuned.

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