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Exclusive: Kail Lowry Addresses Rumors On Who The Father Is

Exclusive Response!

Recently, we reported that Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry announced that she is pregnant with baby number three (read about that here). While she hasn’t revealed who the father is, this morning In Touch Weekly reported that fans believed it was possibly Tyler Hill, a man who they had seen Lowry get a text from on screen, or JC Cueva, her field producer for Teen Mom 2. We caught up with Lowry exclusively to put those rumors to bed.

Exclusive Kail Lowry Addresses Rumors On Who The Father Of Her Baby Is

As far as her field producer JC Cueva being the father, Lowry exclusively told us, “My producer and I have never had that kind of relationship. It’s strictly platonic.”

“I find it humorous that people would even make something like that up,” she continued.

And what about Tyler Hill?

Lowry dished that, “Tyler and I are only friends and only ever have been friends. I haven’t seen him in a while. He graduated and we barely keep in touch.”

“Everyone should know by know that Becky Hayter is the father anyways, since all the media claimed I was in a relationship with her last summer,” she jokingly wrapped with telling us. “And we know everything the media says is always factual.”

We appreciate Lowry speaking with us and clarifying the rumors.