Adam Lind Teen Mom 2

Adam Lind NOT Returning For Season 8 Part B of Teen Mom 2

“Wants A Normal Life”

While Teen Mom 2 Dad Adam Lind has quit the show before (read about that here), if you’ve been watching this season, it’s clear he’s truly over it. Most of the season, Lind has been refusing to film. Now, according to a Radar Online exclusive, Lind is completely done with the show. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Adam Lind Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Part B Not Returning

According to Radar’s insider, if Lind is offered a contract for next season, “he says he’s gonna say no. He’s sick of getting bashed all the time on the show.”

He just wants to live his life & not be bad-mouthed all the time,” the insider continued. “He is living the normal quiet life. He’s working on a friend’s car lot doing mechanic work.”

“He was under contract for Season Seven, but they didn’t film with him for the past seven months while they were filming with Chelsea,” Radar’s source added. “So they just use him to bash him on the show.”

“It got to the point where Adam deleted his Twitter and doesn’t use his social media anymore,” they wrapped with saying. “It’s pointless because he always has to defend the plot lines against him.”

We could definitely understand Lind being frustrated with the show, especially seeing how it’s depicted him.

Tell us- would you quit if you were Lind? Sound off in the comments below.

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