Manzod With Children

Manzo’d With Children Cancelled


While Caroline Manzo‘s Real Housewives of New Jersey spin-off Manzo’d With Children was very successful, Manzo announced today the show is over. Read on for details.

Manzo’d With Children Cancelled

Manzo took to Instagram to share the news with a cute pic of her new granddaughter (read about her here).

“After three seasons of Manzo’d we out,” she wrote.

Markie drops,” she said of her granddaughter with a microphone emoji (as a play on “the mic drops”).

“We are forever grateful to our viewers,” she added. “We love you all. #ThreeFingersUp #Manzod #ManzodWithMoreChildren.”

While Manzo doesn’t say the show was cancelled- but rather says it’s done- it’s easy to conjecture that they would have kept filming more seasons of the show if it wasn’t cancelled.

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