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Chelsea’s Dad and Jenelle Get Into It On Twitter

Twitter Drama!

While Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was talked extensively about by her Mom on the After Show Monday night (read about that here), we didn’t necessarily expect to see her get into it with Chelsea Houska‘s Dad, Randy. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Chelsea’s Dad and Jenelle Get Into It On Twitter

The other night, when Evans didn’t show up, Randy tweeted about MTV possibly needing a refund for some plane tickets (clearly a dig at Evans). Specifically, he wrote, “I am thinking might want a refund on a couple of first class plane tickets .”

Evans replied with a shocking response (which she has since deleted), tweeting, “Says the man that talks about dating his daughters.”

Randy then tweeted up a few things regarding Jenelle, including:

  • Tweeting Evans’s tweet and delete was a “fast one.”
  • Tweeting “It’s just fun to stir the pot a bit.”
  • Also, when asked why he involves himself in teen drama, he stated that, “no teens involved, all adults.”
  • He also quoted a tweet in which someone claimed to have the proof for Evans’s reply, where a Twitter user had tweeted to Randy that “You seem like you are way to close to your daughter. Like you want to date her.” Randy had initially quoted that tweet and said “Which daughter? I have 4.” When a Twitter user pointed out this was likely where Evans got the information for her reply to Randy on Monday night, Randy quoted that and said, “EXACTLY!! Thank you!”

Tell us- whose side are you on? Are you #TeamRandy or #TeamJenelle? Let us know in the comments below.

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