EXCLUSIVE: Is Monie Moving to Houston?!

People change and grow throughout the years, and that’s exactly what has happened with Monie this season. She has made a complete transformation from a firecracker to the very mature voice of reason. Some of the other ladies have criticized Monie for not going off like she used to, but that doesn’t effect her one single bit. However, on tonight’s episode we saw Monie go off on her son’s Father over their custody situation. We caught up with her to discuss what went down and what the future looks like for her.

We finally got to see Monie in Mommy mode when she went back home to Houston to visit her son, Derrick Junior (AKA D2)… who made his television debut! Monie also went to Houston to ask her son’s Father (Derrick SR) if she could bring D2 back to Atlanta to live with her and the meeting didn’t go as planned. After Derrick flat out said no to her request, the old Monie returned and she popped off.

Since things didn’t work out like Monie had hoped, we wanted to know if Monie would ever leave everything she has built in Atlanta and move back to Houston to be with her son. She exclusively told us, “No, l will just visit Houston as often as possible and bring my child here when he is not in school.” 

Even though Monie had this little incident, which is understandable… she has really matured and grown so much! Monie told us that she changed her behavior because she didn’t want to lost the love of her life Morlin.

Even though Monie changed her behavior for her relationship, things haven’t been easy for the couple this season. With Morlin’s new demanding job and Monie losing her engagement ring, things have been gradually falling apart. Fans were shocked when Morlin called off the wedding, but Monie knew he was serious. Monie told us that, “Morlin went from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK, so I knew he meant business.” 

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