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Lisa Rinna Owns It, Admits She Said Kim Was Close to Death

Owning It!

Last night was a big one for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as Lisa Rinna finally sat down with Kim Richards (and a bunch of the other women) to admit that she did indeed say that Richards was close to death, amongst other things. Read on for details.

Lisa Rinna Owns It, Admits She Said Kim Was Close to Death

“Kim, I have to say something,” Rinna began with saying. “I want to say something if I can say something to you. You’ve probably heard some things and I want to say that after game night, in the heat of the moment, I met with Eden. And I said some things that I didn’t remember exactly. And now that I’ve had time to think about it- and to talk to Harry about it- I said them. I said them.”

“Lisa you’re always saying things and then it’s like oh I said it and I’m sorry,” Richards responded. “You told Eden that I am near death, that I am not in a good place- that is so uncalled for.”

“Well I see that you’re in good place now,” Rinna added. “I really do. This was in the heat of the moment right after game night. It was coming from a place where I felt very safe with Eden… I wasn’t maligning… You were provoking me and I didn’t understand that.”

“You don’t think of the consequences for other people,” Richards told her. “My children are affected. My sisters are affected. My friends are affected. My grandchild will be affected… This is so treacherous.”

While the pair seemed to agree to end their feud at the end of the party, only time will tell if they can truly put all of this behind them.
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